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  • Jan Frazier interviewed by Chloe Karl on KPFZ
  • Maggie Norton from Yoga Mendocino follows up on the interview with Chloe.
  • "Invitation from Jan Frazier's CD "Words to Wake Up From" -
  • Jeannie Zandi interview with Chloe Karl & Paloma Hill on KPFZ -
    Part 1 (43 mins) an introduction and words of wisdom from Jeannie Zandi
    Part 2 (7 mins.)-review with Chloe & Paloma (more info below)


Jan Frazier 2013 West Coast Tour - sponsored by Yoga Mendocino and Open Circle . For the full schedule and lots of links and information about Jan go to the YoMo's Jan page.
Jeannie Zandi had a wonderful visit and will return! This interview is an excellent introduction to Jeannie's ways. To learn more about Jeannie Zandi visit her website & listen/watch a video &/or hear another interview with her.

To learn more about Yoga Mendocino, visit our website.