L.Y.R.I.  -  CA

Latino Yoga Research Institute  - California and the Americas



Dedicated to the ongoing research and development of
Yoga in the Latino world.

    Since 1998, CUYE (Cuba-US Yoga Exchange) has been involved in supporting and creating an educational exchange in Cuba. Under educational licenses obtained in collaboration with organizations such as Global Exchange, CUYE presented seminars and teacher trainings in Cuba on an annual basis. Prior to the recent imposition of more stringent legal restrictions, CUYE worked with “Yoga Journal” and yoga studios around the country to bring Cuban teachers to the US. 

    LYRI - CA was formed in 2006 to undertake research projects both in the US and in other Latin American countries.  Our main work is still in Cuba as this country has become a very fertile ground for the evolution of Yoga, and is supported by the unique preventative health care system that exits there.  

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